Best 7 Slot Hacks for 2021

Do you want to become a better Slots player?

Simple slot hacks that will help you win, play and have fun!

Slots is the most played casino game ever invented. It is responsible for more than 50% of all revenue generated by casinos and racinos across the United States. It can be found in Canada, Europe, Australia, and other countries. Slot machines can be a major source of revenue for some venues. This is even when they are combined with other casino games. Some venues have only slot machines. This is just one example of Las Atlantis casino how popular slot machines are.

Given the popularity of slots, you would expect that most Players would be familiar with all the traps. It’s amazing to see how many Players are missing out upon some great slot hacks.

Hack 1.

It is impossible to duplicate the winning pattern in a slot machine. It is made up of complex algorithms. Do not try to beat the system.

A slot machine’s design is to produce random results that pay in an uneven manner. The uneven distribution creates suspense by increasing the possibility of a series of losses that are followed by an amazing win. The randomness of an amazing win makes it easy for players to play slots until they hit the jackpot. This is what makes slot machines so thrilling!

Many slot players are unable to grasp randomness and know that it is generated by computer logic. We know that a human being has created the “winning pattern logic” to make the slot machine work. Sometimes, when playing slots, we think, “Yep, it’s going out big!” But we know that it’s not random because our fellow IT programmer made a mathematical formula. The next thing is that the wager amounts increase in size and then suddenly, it all disappears. It’s over. The bankroll has disappeared. Do not fall for the trap of thinking that you know the winning pattern.

Best 7 Slot Hacks for 2021
Best 7 Slot Hacks for 2021

Hack 2. Pay attention to denomination pay out ratios

You can win more with higher-denominated slots machines. They offer a greater payout ratio.

It may surprise you, but it is the lowest denominated slots machines that have the lowest pay out rates. The low-priced slot machines pay out in the 80% to 85% range. Low line betting slots machines are popular because they offer the possibility of playing longer and the chance to win big. If all of the payout ratios for the slot machines were the same, this strategy would be logical. However, they aren’t.

Below is a list of approximate pay-out ratios for each denomination

  • 25 cent machines return approximately 85% to 88%
  • Machines that cost 50 cents return an average of 89% to 90%
  • $1 machines return approximately 90% to 91%
  • $5 machines return 92% to 9%
  • Machines that bet higher than 93% to 98%.

Do not be misled by the belief that the 25c machine has more lines (because it has a smaller amount), while the $5 machine has fewer lines. You will therefore win more often with the 25c machine. It doesn’t matter how big or small your wagers are, the pay-out ratio is the same. It doesn’t matter if you bet on more or less lines; the pay out ratio will remain the same. Your mind will trick you by comparing small and large denominations.

Hack 3. Align excitement to winning patterns

Alignment will stop you from placing an all-in wager. This helps to keep your bankroll alive.

The jackpot size generally decreases the likelihood of hitting a win at a slot machine.

If you want to have more small wins often, look for a machine that has a smaller jackpot. However, ensure it isn’t interlinked or progressive.

The frequency of wins can vary between 7% and 25% depending on how many rounds were played. However, the frequency doesn’t necessarily mean that one machine has a lower payout ratio than another. Both could have the same pay-out ratio but their winnings distribution can differ greatly.

Best 7 Slot Hacks for 2021
Best 7 Slot Hacks for 2021

Hack 4. Avoid Progressive

Do not play interlinked progressive slots.

The pay out ratios for interlinked progressive slots are much lower than those listed in the Payout Ratio Hack. Because of the pooling effect, players receive a lower average payout. Avoid the interlinked progressive slots with large jackpots. These machines behave just like lotto, with low odds of winning.

It is comparable to playing Powerball, where the odds of winning are about equal. It is absurdly low. It doesn’t mean you can’t win. But it is very low. It’s like 1,000,000,000 to 1. To play all of the combinations, you need to spend more than a lifetime!

Hack 5. Play at Singles

Independent slot machines offer higher chances of winning.

There are three types of progressive slot machines:

  1. Intercasino linked – The jackpot is available in every casino that is a member of the network. Because it pools funds from all the players, the jackpot is often huge. Megabucks is an example.
  2. In-house Players who use the same machine can accumulate towards the jackpot. Still offers huge winnings but is not linked to an even larger pool such as intercasino linked.
  3. Single/Independent: One Player drives the progressive Jackpot.

As mentioned previously, it is best to avoid intercasino-linked progressive slots because the chances of winning are extremely low.

The single/independent progressive slot machines are the best. The slot machines that offer the lowest jackpots will give you more payouts.

Best 7 Slot Hacks for 2021
Best 7 Slot Hacks for 2021

Hack 6. Online Slots have better pay out ratios

Play online slots: Online pay out ratios can reach up to 5%

Online and mobile slots behave in the exact same way as casino slots. They are actually exactly the same. Only difference is that you can access the output via a mobile or web browser, while at a land-based casino it is via a machine.

Online slots have a lower trust rating than traditional slot machines. Online Slots can be viewed as a scam because there is no regulation. However, land-based slots machines can be trusted since they are regulated.

It is impossible to deny the truth. Online casinos and land-based casinos must both purchase licenses and adhere to laws. However, land-based casinos can be less transparent in certain cases. For example, the native American casinos in the US are permitted to be self-regulated and are not required by law to disclose their payout ratios.

Online slots pay out much better than land-based casinos. This is because of the lower overhead costs, which are easier to manage, less cash to manage, fewer venues to keep, and a wider audience reach.

Hack 7. Put less in the bank roll

Do not feel obliged to spend all of your bankroll.

Many times, I see players at the slot machines who feel the need to “suddenly leave”. There are still a few hundred dollars in the bank roll. What happens next? To complete the session and use up his remaining bankroll, the Player places large and frequent bets.

This is a bad idea. You can leave with cash in your bankroll or you can play with less. You can always top up later if you need. Don’t feel obliged to spend all of your bankroll if you don’t have enough.


Slots is a very popular game that is easy to play. GambleDex aims to provide you with winning strategies and tips that are not well-known. These are called slot hacks, and we have summarized them in seven concise points.

These 7 hacks are easy to implement and don’t require much effort. These hacks are easy to use and will increase your winnings as well as expand your bankroll.