South Carolina Casinos

South Carolina, also known as the Palmetto State is one of the most strict gambling states in the United States. There aren’t many options for gambling in South Carolina, unlike Utah, Tennessee, and Hawaii. The laws are strictly enforced.

There is one way to play, although it is limited. This is a Big M Cruise that allows you to choose from two yachts that will take you to international waters. Yachts depart from Myrtle Beach and operate all year round. Las Atlantis Blackjack Casino Games, Slots and Craps are available. These yachts can carry around 200-400 passengers.

The state lottery was established in 2001. The state lottery provides multi-jurisdictional games such as Mega Millions and PowerBall.

You can legally play bingo according to the States definition of charitable gambling. Each operator of a bingo game or event must obtain a license. The maximum prize money per round is $1,000.

South Carolina doesn’t have much else to offer besides the above.

The South Carolina gambling laws cover all forms of gambling. There are fines up to $1,000 and up one year imprisonment. The law enforcement agencies actively patrol illegal gambling dens.

There are several types of gambling that are illegal, including poker, sports betting and casino table games. Slots is another example.

Bingo and state lottery are two examples of legal gambling.

South Carolina Online Gambling

Online Bingo can be accepted by offshore bingo websites.

Online casinos may be illegal, but they are not covered by the law. Online casinos offshore accept players from South Carolina, even though they are unregulated and unlicensed.

Daily Fantasy Sport is not legal as DFS gambling is not covered by the law. DraftKing, FanDuel and other big brands offer South Carolina players in unlicensed and unregulated markets.

Online Poker remains illegal.

Sports betting has been made explicitly illegal by the site’s laws. In 2019, attempts to legalize sports betting failed spectacularly. It is unlikely that any further attempts will be made in the near-future.

South Carolina is ranked 25th among the US states for playing at online casinos. It wagers an estimated $10,000,000 per year. This ranks it just behind Alabama, and behind Oregon. California has $180 million in offshore casino wagering.

South Carolina Casinos
South Carolina Casinos

Yacht Casinos

South Carolina does not have any land-based casinos. However, there are two yacht casinos that can take you to international waters. These yachts are managed by the Big M corporation.

They are different in size and one is significantly smaller than the other. These yachts are called Big “M’ Casino Ship I and Big “M”, Casino Ship II.

What can you expect from a cruise?

You should be prepared to venture out onto the ocean. If the water is rocky, you might feel the rocking motion. Sea sickness is a serious problem. You will need to take sea sickness medication before you board the yacht. These boats can be described as yachts but they aren’t your typical yachts. These yachts are massive! These yachts have multiple floors for entertainment, gambling and dining.

It takes only ten to fifteen minutes for you to be in “international” waters after you board the cruise. The Captain is the only one who knows if you’re in international waters. However, the crew would announce it once you are. Although the slot machines may not be the most modern, they are still fun and offer a wide range of table games. You will also find great buffet food and entertainment on the cruise.

The yacht casino is more than just a gaming event. The excitement of getting on a boat and heading out to sea is what makes it so unique. For a return trip, allow for at least two hours.

Social Gambling

Even social gambling with real money is illegal, as well as with fake money.

State Lottery

The South Carolina Education Lottery was established in 2002. All proceeds go to education initiatives in the state, such as the establishment of colleges and schools or the building of universities. Each year, approximately $400 million is raised. 10% of the proceeds go directly to South Carolina education.

SCECL offers the inter-state Powerball, Mega Millions and other games.

Gambling laws

Referring to barns, taverns and outhouses as indicators of how outdated and outmoded South Carolina’s gambling laws are a good indicator. It is hard to believe that laws so old could still be relevant in today’s world.

These last changes are all related to state lottery. In 2002, the first state lottery was established. The Mega Millions and Powerball followed in 2010.

South Carolina’s gambling laws are what makes it so restrictive. “All games that involve the placing of any value, whether for games of skill or games of luck, are considered gambling.” This definition includes both games of skill as well as games of luck. While most states allow the distinction to be made in gambling laws, South Carolina does not permit it. All games are illegal, unless exempted by law.

South Carolina Casinos
South Carolina Casinos

A Lawyer’s Opinion

South Carolina has strict gambling laws. All forms of gambling are prohibited, even those that involve money. Retirement communities are warned that recreational bridge is against the law. SeeS.C. Code Ann. Code Ann.

Sports Betting Online fantasy sports betting is now legal in South Carolina. FanDuel and DraftKings can operate within the state, provided they adhere to the rules. However, general sportsbook creation is still prohibited. Online sportsbook making is prohibited.

Race Betting: In South Carolina, all forms of racing betting are prohibited. Individuals who want to place race bets must use platforms that are not within the state.

Online Gambling. Participation in online gambling (including poker rooms) is not allowed in South Carolina. Online gambling is not allowed in South Carolina. This includes charitable events and land-based poker. Individuals who wish to gamble online, including poker, must bet through sites outside the state. It is unlikely that the state will allow its online counterparts due to its strict gambling policy.

Online Gaming is not allowed. Skill Games are not. Individuals who want to play Bedazzled games must pay through websites that are not within the state.


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